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Kazakhstan says Chinese media spreads false information about unknown pneumonia

NUR-SULTAN, Kazakhstan – Kazakhstan’s Health Ministry said on June 10 that Chinese reports about unknown pneumonia, more deadly than coronavirus in the Central Asian state, are fake.

“Some Chinese media outlets are claiming that Kazakhstan has reported cases of unknown pneumonia, more deadly than coronavirus. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan officially states that this information is false,” the Kazakh Health Ministry said on June 10.

The Chinese Embassy in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, warned on June 9 its citizens in the Central Asian republic of unknown pneumonia. A warning about this was posted on the website of the Chinese Embassy.

The embassy cites Kazakh media reports that the incidence of pneumonia has significantly increased in the regions of Kazakhstan since mid-June. “The mortality from this disease is much higher than from a new coronavirus infection. The Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan and other institutions are conducting a comparative study of the pneumonia virus, and the final determination has not been accepted,” the Chinese embassy said in a statement.

After this, a number of Chinese media, citing this statement, the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan announced a new type of pneumonia and disseminated information, calling heated discussions among Chinese users of the Weibo social network.

WHO introduced codes for pneumonia in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), while COVID-19 is diagnosed clinically or epidemiologically, for example, through the symptom of ground-glass opacity and affected lungs, and it is not laboratory confirmed.

Kazakhstan, in this regard, like other countries, monitors and keeps a record of these types of pneumonia, which enables timely management-level decisions aimed at stabilising the incidence and prevalence of the coronavirus infection.

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At a briefing on July 9, the Minister of Health of Kazakhstan Alexey Tsoi spoke about the overall number of pneumonia cases in the country: bacterial, fungal, viral origin, including “viral pneumonia of unspecified aetiology”, as per the ICD-10 classification.